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Wanda Reign Chengdu    Date:2018-01-03

Wanda Reign Chengdu, the first 7-star hotel in western China, is located in financial center in Chengdu, on South RenMin Rd and Binjiang Rd. Taking up to 14 mu, 100,000 square meters in construction area, 154 meters tall, 36 floors, the Wanda Reign Chengdu is the second luxury hotel under Wanda Hotel & Resorts. This hotel uses bamboo elements in its design, using both the bottom floor and top floor to create a double lobby system. The top floor’s sky lobby uses an open design, allowing the guests to take in the view of Binjiang Rd at every angle. Wanda Reign has 240 different rooms, from executive suites to business suites to standard rooms, from the 30th floor to the 40th floor, taking in the amazing view of the Jin river.

Lighting Functions:

Lobby: The lobby uses a smart dimming controller to control the lighting. The environment in the lobby can adjusted according to different times of day, usually separated into day, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight, and early morning. Some additional specific lighting environments can be set for special occasions. All the environments are adjusted by changing the brightness of a set of loops, combined to achieve different lighting effects.

Ball Room: In the preparation phase of the ball room, only some or all of the tube lights would be turned on. The system would limit the workers from using the chandeliers. When the guests start entering, the lights in the light slots would start brightening slowly. As the function is starting, all of the lights would be turned on. During the ball, the lighting system can be adjusted to fit different moods. When all the guests have left the ball room, the lights will switch to cleaning mode. Staff can program the control panels to activate lighting scenes with one button on the control panels.

Business center & multi-function halls: In this project, there are three floors of ball rooms and three multi-function halls. The three multi-function rooms are separated by removable partitions, so that the multi-function halls can be separated into different sections without interference with one another. For big banquet situations, the removable partitions can be disabled for all three to work together as one big multi-function hall, allowing the three multi-function halls to be more versatile in different situations.

Public areas: For the public areas, the system uses a clock to set the lighting automatically. Based on preset working statuses, e.g. day, night, and rest, the lighting scenes will adjust according to the clock in the system. For places like public walkways, the system can also make use of natural lighting coming from the windows or doors to achieve automatic compensation using daylight.

Guest Rooms:

Curtain and Shower Curtains control:

Using DALITEK’s BZ405RE module, controls the curtains using both high voltage and dry contacts. Along with the BZ400 and other modules, these form a small system to create a lighting scene control in a small amount of space.

Fan coil control:

DALITEK’s BZ405TS fan coil control module achieves controls over both Two-Pipe and Four-Pipe systems, supports high, medium, and low fan speeds as well as 0-10V fan control. Compatible with Two-Wire and Three-Wire electronic valve.

Electric peephole control:

DALITEK’s BZ670 electric peephole takes the place of traditional peepholes used on doors. This allows an easy view of the other side of the door on both the indoors monitor as well as the TV.

Control Panels and wall sockets:

Control panel uses the DSPACE A10 panel serials thermal controls panel. This panel uses a TFT colored screen, with a simple and clean user interface, and a unique ECO mode. This allows the guests to not only feel the top quality of a 7-star hotel, but also lets them feel the eco-friendly symbol that we set out to include in every detail of our products.

Lighting Scene control:

In the guest rooms, DALITEK uses DDLE802-MO and DDRC1220FR-GL lighting modules, and has  three different lighting modes, allowing the guest to easily set different kinds of lighting environments.

Outdoors scene:

With the use of flood lights emitting different colors of light, the hotel becomes a unique landmark that stands out in the night sky. Because the outdoors flood lights and environmental lights take advantage of our smart lighting control, the outdoors system combines with the indoors systems to form a complete network, which helps with adjusting the lighting of the whole building.

The 7-star Wanda Reign hotel is Wanda Hotel & Resorts’ most luxurious brand name. With the Wanda Reign Chengdu being Chengdu’s world class meeting place, this project will be DALITEK’s showcase to the world that DALITEK is Wanda Hotel & Resorts’ first pick in selection.

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