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Shanghai International Dance Center    Date:2018-02-05

The Shanghai International Dance Center, known as the "Dance Home" of the new cultural landscape, took more than 4 years of careful building. Covering an area of 39,100 square meters and a total construction area of 85,000 square meters, with the total investment of 1.1 billion yuan. The Grand Theater has a seating capacity of 1080 in the large theater and a 300-seat synthesis rehearsal hall and is the first national professional dance center in China.

The Shanghai International Dance Center was designed and built to host a wide array of cultural events and performances including dance, plays, musicals and large-scale symphony.The adoption of an intelligent lighting control system was an absolute necessity to create the desired ambience both inside and outside of the Grand Theater.Dalitek provided a flexible multi-level control management solution, to achieve efficient management, reduced maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency.

"Illumination of the main public space"
The ideal way to set up an entrance lobby area of a cultural building is to allow patrons to easily recognize their companions faces in a crowd. The theater entrance has an imposing lobby, with a large number of light sources, it is a magnificent space highlighted by a spiral staircase, as if blue ribbons were connected to the dome lights far above.
The lighting in the Grand Theater is automatically managed by the Dalitek intelligent lighting control system which seamlessly adjusts the lighting effects according to the required operation. The system uses the timer controller, to set various scene modes such as daytime, evening, late night and many other scene patterns. The daily working hours of each day are divided and different lighting modes are combined into a pluralityof scenes which are stored in the programmable control panels.When a change to the lighting effect is required, the operator can simply press a button, which reduces the labor intensity of the staff, reduces the cost of building operations, whilst also improves the overall level of intelligence of the building.
There is a lounge at each level for the audience intermission, the semi-outdoor platform on the top floor overlooks the Grand Theater. The lounge and lobby lighting can be controlled by the building BA system as a unified system
The Dalitek intelligent lighting control system used in the main theatersallows lighting to be controlled in separate zones, it can also be centrally controlled.The control effect of each partitioned zone provides abundant illumination effects for the performances, fully meeting the demands of multi-faceted theatre performance

1. During the admission of patrons, the space lights remain at 100lux, while lighting in the corridor, leading the patrons to their seating.;
2. During the performance the stage lighting system sends DMX512 signal to Dnet, so as to adjust the corresponding lighting to the appropriate brightness;
3. At the end of the performance the stage lighting allows the audience to show appreciation to the performers.
4. After the performers have left the stage, slowly dim down the stage lights, activate the exit lights and corridor lights, sending off thepatrons with a warmfarewell.
5. During the cleanup, most of the theater lighting is slowly dimmed down, leaving only some of the wall lampsat full illumination for cleaning staff.

As with any public building, emergency lighting also has strict control requirements, any fire alarm will automatically trigger emergency lighting to a full bright state.