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Yellow Crane Tower    Date:2018-02-07

For the ancients, climbing and poetrywere regarded as traditional habits. Unique feelingsare attained from the different views of landscapes whenlooking from a height. The Yellow Crane Tower has witnessed monumentalevents and the separation and departure of life and death, thus inspiring generations of scholars to compose brilliant poetry and literature. 

Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of Snake Hill, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is a national 5A-class tourist attraction from where you can enjoy one of the best views in the world. It is considered to be one of the Four Great Towersof China, along with the Pavilion of Prince Teng, the Yueyang Tower and the Penglai Pagoda. The Yellow Crane Tower is the combination of ancient and elaborate architecturalstyle built with modern materials, designed to inspire the current generation of poets.

However, there exists inevitable issues with dated equipment through the crumbling assault of time. The aging equipment becomes an unavoidable challenge. In the scenic area of the Yellow Crane Tower, the roadside lighting was controlled by alternate current and timer, thus staff were required to keep an eye on lighting status around important events and holidays to ensure the was lighting operating well. The manual switching of lighting lead to huge energy wastage as lighting was often left on unnecessarily for extended periods.

Dalitek customized an intelligent lighting solution for main building and scenic area surrounding the Yellow Crane Tower with centralized scene control of the entire area providing bothefficiency of operation and energy-saving.

The Dalitek solution forthe project uses phased multiple scenes which are specifically divided based on different types of festivals and ordinary day to day operation.During important events, all lighting is used to highlight the architectural features of the tower and create a festive atmosphere in the scenic area.Normal holiday mode will partially turn on the lighting of the roof of the building, dimming down or shutting down the detailed lighting to createshadowing and intensify the cube effect of the construction.The standard mode is to turn on some lighting incorridors, exits and entrances to draw the outline of the building and turn off the building façade lighting of detailed parts and dim down the lightingover the surrounding lawn.

To meet the needs of tourist demand, the timed control modes of the Yellow Crane Tower are divided into weekend mode and weekday mode. From Monday to Thursday, considering scenic spot may be less bustling, the lighting of the main building is set to be automaticallyswitched off at 10:00 pm whilstthe lighting will remain on until 11:00 pm at the weekends.
When walking around Yellow Crane Tower at night, the appropriate lighting ambience creates wonderful views of the entire area. The tourists are enchanted by the scenic atmosphere and linger to soak in the ancient building outline.