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Grand Hyatt hotel Shanghai    Date:2018-02-07

Jin Mao Tower is an iconic building in Shanghai, and currently is the China’s 3rd and the world’s 10th tallest skyscraper. The Grand Hyatt hotel is  located on the 53-­‐87 floors. Jin Mao Tower Grand Hyatt, has 555 guest rooms. Its architectural design is a combination of Chinese tower style and western architectural technologies, Jin Mao Grand Hyatt provides an elegant homely feeling with a warm ambience for its  guests. 

BZ400HU-­‐A: Housekeeping Module: Monitor the housekeeping functions of the hotel e.g. DND, MUR, SOS, Service request, Door bell;   

BZ400P : Power Supply Module: Power supply for BZ400 series modules;   

BZ402: Multi-­‐function Module Base: Used with BZ102D, to control and dim the lighting;   

BZ405RE: Relay Control Module: Used with BZ-­‐I, to interface with the third-­‐party dry contact panels or sensors;        

BZ416R: Relay Controller Module: Switch control of lighting load or other electrical equipment; 

BZ102D: Leading Edge Dimming Card;     

BZ-­‐I: Dry Contact Input Card.