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The Shanghai Aman Yangyun Hotel    Date:2018-02-07

It is said that staying at an Aman hotel during your travels can be genuinely seen as the best kind of experience.The Amangroup fans have their own uniquetitle: AmanJunkie.

Every Aman hotel lies in a local scenic spot with historicalcharacter and stunningviews. The design of each Ananpropertyis uniqueand blends into the surrounding landscape effortlessly. Aman destinations are renowned for space and privacy with each welcoming guests as if to the home of a close friend, instilling a sense of peace and belonging amid some of the most diverse natural and historical landscapes.

Being the fourth Aman hotel and the most exclusive in China, it is the largest Aman hotel in the world,
The Shanghai Aman Yangyun Hotel is set to open on Jan, 8th, 2018.
Finally, it isjust around the corner.

AmanYangyun hotel, displays splendid Jiangxi culture through therestoring of Ming and Qing houses that were pulled down, transported,rebuilt and sculptured exquisitely into a luxurious Hui style ancient town by specialist architects ofthe Hui style from the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are 13 Hui style ancient house courtyards reproducing traditional village spirit as well as completely rendering an antique artistic conception complemented with the designed lighting.

The hotel’s lighting design came from the renowned lighting design firm LPA. Their philosophy was to create a comfortable, inspiring and touching living environment. Based on the vision of LPA; Dalitek, the pioneer of intelligent lighting control in China, designed a control solution to bring the vision to reality. Together they created a uniquely charming light environment for one of the most charismatic hotels in the world.

The theme of the hotel courtyard through timer management has threedistinct scene modesfor morning, afternoon and evening to integratethe overall courtyard atmosphere. According to requirements of different interior spaces a bright and a warm scene mode was designed to present the beauty of the historical details while demonstrating the comfort and convenience of modern technology.

Prepare yourself for another lifestyle in an Aman hotel.
Shanghai Aman Yanyun hotel, will set the benchmark for exclusive luxury and room rates when itopens next January.Are you ready to enjoy the Aman experience?