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DALITEK headquarters building launches smart office new application!    Date:2019-08-23

Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence...The gathering of these leading technologies is changing people's accustomed office working mode. Smart office based on cloud computing and other high-tech technologies has become a major trend. The unified deployment and delivery of smart office through application software can effectively reduce the management and operating costs of enterprises, and meanwhile, the improvement of employees' work efficiency will turn into a powerful competitive advantage, helping enterprises to attract and retain more excellent talents.

In regards to smart office product experience, based on the space usage scenarios, DALITEK provides overall smart space solution for the enterprises in consideration of safety, efficiency, and energy conservation, including intelligent lighting environment management, intelligent air conditioning control, intelligent visitor management, intelligent employee attendance management, intelligent entrance guard management, intelligent work station management, intelligent meeting management, intelligent voice interaction, and big data analysis, etc., creating eight major smart spaces: smart elevator hall, smart reception, smart conference room, smart open office area, smart private office, smart recreational area, smart bathroom, and smart corridor, etc. The solution gives full play to the linkage effect of the intelligent systems, making the smart office experience more coherent and scenarized.

DALITEK has a deep and comprehensive understanding of smart office industry and customer experience, coagulates the comprehensive experience and respect for users in its own experience of products, and constantly innovates and develops new applications of smart office.

Recently, DALITEK headquarters officially launched a new series of smart office applications, including intelligent visitor management, intelligent attendance/access control management, intelligent voice interaction, and big data analysis system.


Intelligent visitor management (online visitor reservation + intelligent voice interaction)

Visitors can fill in and submit their information (photo, name, phone number, company and interviewee) on DALITEK’s WeChat official account on-site or in advance, and the interviewee will receive a visit push message and authorize the identity of the visitor (including VIP, long-term visitor, temporary visitor, temporary worker, and delivery, etc.). After authorization, the visitor's mobile phone will receive a reminder message, which means that the visitor appointment is successful!

After the visitor successfully obtains the authorization to visit, the face recognition camera at the entrance will automatically capture the visitor's identity and the door will open automatically. If the authorized visitor is a VIP, the interactive screen in the elevator hall on the first floor will automatically display the VIP welcome interface.

Visitors take an elevator to 4F on the first floor. When the visitor gets out of the elevator, the face recognition camera will capture the visitor's identity again, and the intelligent voice system will automatically send out welcome words and display them on the interactive screen. At the same time, the TV display screen will show the comparison picture of the visitor and the identified floor position.

In addition, visitors can also have dialogue and interaction with the intelligent voice system. For example, if the visitor wants to look for someone, he just needs to say who he is looking for and express the need to contact, and after the intelligent voice system gives feedback, the system will automatically send the visiting SMS to the interviewees.

When the visitor is designated as a VIP, the door opens and the indoor automatically switches to the light welcome mode.


A video takes you to further understanding:click here

Intelligent attendance management

After face recognition snapshot camera at the door automatically identifies employees, the door opens automatically. Employees can check attendance through face recognition tablet installed inside the door. The interactive screen in the elevator hall on the first floor automatically displays welcome information of employees on attendance. In addition to the first floor, all other floors of DALITEK headquarters building have been installed with facial-recognition tablet for attendance checking, which effectively divides employees from queuing to clock in during rush hours.

The relevant authorized personnel can also interact with 4F intelligent voice system to check the clock-in record of company colleagues and download it through QR code scanning.


Check out how we clock in:  click here


Big data analysis - intelligent voice interaction

The multimedia large screen of the recreational area on 4F is interacted with the intelligent voice system. Through voice interaction control, you can check the data analysis reports of the entire office building from different dimensions, such as lighting and air conditioning energy consumption statistics (by day/week/month, year-on-year/link relative, different floors, total floor, etc.), attendance statistics (by day/week/month , total attendance rate, department attendance rate, clock-in floor distribution, employee trajectory, in office /out/on-leave/late/early leave employee statistics, and cumulative working hours statistics, etc.), and access statistics, Including the number of visitors (authorized stranger, the number of visitors), peak visiting hours, the number of interviewees, and the floor visit heat map, etc.


This is how we check on the data reports: click here


In addition, DALITEK headquarters building also adopts intelligent lighting control, intelligent scene mode control, intelligent air conditioning control, intelligent curtain control, fresh air system, and automatic PM2.5 detection, etc., to create a comprehensive smart office working environment in a comfortable and efficient way.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of economy, the traditional office management mode can no longer meet the needs of modern office buildings. The safety modernization, management modernization and intelligent modernization have become the leading role of office buildings. Smart office can realize multi-system networking, as well as timely and accurate feedback of on-site information, to ensure the improvement of office building safety and management efficiency.

After watching these videos (remember to volume up) and the introduction, if you want to know more about smart office technology and experience more, welcome to DALITEK headquarters for a visit (remember how to make a visitor appointment? Don’t worry, you can turn to the first video~)