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In the era of AI, DALITEK takes you to experience intelligent hotel    Date:2019-08-23

With the rise of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence began to enter the hotel field. More and more consumers hope to enjoy the intelligent accommodation experience in the hotel, and the hotel also hopes to improve the management level, improve the efficiency, and achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, so as to increase revenue and reduce expenditure with the help of intelligent control means.

Hotel public areas, such as the lobby, the elevator hall, corridor, restaurants, etc., are frequently visited by the guests after they check in the hotel. How to realize easy switching of different lighting scene mode in these areas, create a good living environment for the hotel, make customers feel at home with a sense of security and comfort, guide customers to consume in a warm way, and eventually attract guests to come again with a good memory, is the focus of the hotel operations.

To create a good lighting effect not only requires selective lighting lamps and light source, such as: the modelling of lamps and lights in public lobby and multifunctional areas,  beam angle control, color and color temperature of the decorative lights, as well as the reading lamp of guest room should mean the requirements of illumination, and be of glare prevention, etc., but also needs to use lighting control system to do precise lighting control based on the scene and activities, so as to realize lighting atmosphere, focus areas, and visual comfort and so on. Where the light should be on and where should be dark, brightness level control, and the aesthetic design of light presentation, are very important for the comfort of the guests. On the other hand, lighting design is the essence of the hotel decoration, reflecting the unique cultural characteristics of the hotel.

DALITEK LDS Intelligent Lighting Control System adopts the main power supply outputting to the lighting circuit via programmable control module. All circuits are controlled by programmable control module. In this way, not only a single circuit can be controlled, but also multiple circuits can be controlled in any combination, which solves the dilemma that traditional lighting control only has the function of on or off, and only a single circuit can be controlled. The control module can also be programmed for timing control, scene control, and brightness control, etc., to meet the needs of lighting scene mode under different atmosphere, and realize the intelligent and humanized management of lighting.

The system can also use a motion sensor and constant illuminance sensor sensing the environment brightness to automatically switch or adjust the lighting. According to the specific working environment of each area, the system can make the light on automatically when people come and off when people leave. A constant indoor intensity of illumination can also be maintained. All of this get to ensure an indoor best lighting environment, lamp service life prolonging and meanwhile a maximum energy saving.


Hotel public area lighting

From the perspective of consumers, a perfect "smart" check-in experience should be convenient, comfortable, personalized and interesting.  To solve some pain points in the traditional accommodation experience, what can DALITEK CAPSOUL Smart Hotel Room System do?

Worried that the room temperature is not appropriate and the room air is in poor ventilation with odor when check-in?

When registering at the reception desk, the air conditioner can be turned on remotely to keep the wind speed at the highest. Quick heating in winter and quick cooling in summer make the room air circulated at a comfortable temperature.

Always forget where the room card is, and also feel inconvenient to go out with it?

Face recognition or a Bluetooth key in your phone can completely replace the traditional way of unlocking a door.

Could I get the home feeling while living at the hotel?

Open the door and automatically activate the welcome mode. The detector and door magnet logic can judge to tell the system to turn off all electrical equipment and lighting after the guest goes out for a while, and the air conditioning will be in thermal insulation. When the guest enters again, the system will present different welcome modes according to different time periods.

There's always a light that can't be turned off when you are ready to sleep?

Perfect connection with smart speaker, such as Baidu's screen speaker. As long as you say to the intelligent speaker that I want to go to bed, the system will enter the sleep scene, and all the lights will be turned off, only leaving behind a small night light.

Want to realize room control of lighting, curtains, air conditioning, background music, television, and room service anytime and anywhere?

Multiple-scene control switches are set at each entrance to realize the scene change or on and off of a single loop;

The head of the bed has the master switch and the scene and dimming key; Press a button to create different lighting scenes.

In addition to the regular switch, the guest can use WeChat little program and intelligent speaker to control the electrical equipment (such as lighting, air conditioning, and curtain…), choose music repertoire, switch the TV, select TV channels, adjust volume, check calendar/weather/hotel information/landscape guide, and call for taxi, etc.



WeChat Little Program Control Display


When you are hungry, you still need to run to the lobby to get the takeaway?

Use the WeChat little program, or say out loud to the Baidu smart speaker "Duer Duer, I am hungry", the menu will come up and the guest just need to say what they like to eat and confirm, the waiter will take the order to your room in a while.

Duer speaker interaction video

INTERCONTINENTAL SHANGHAI WONDERLAND uses DALITEK Capsoul intelligent room control system, connected to Baidu AI intelligent video speaker "Duer", to voice control the equipment in the guest room.


DALITEK intelligent room control system creates an intelligent and comfortable room environment for the guest in a convenient and humanized intelligent control way, and at the same time, also realizes energy saving and environmental protection, and efficient operation and management for the hotel. For example, when the guest checks in, the room system will automatically set the room to be occupied; when the guest goes out, it will automatically turn off all the lighting, cut off the power supply, and the monitoring center software will automatically show the room to be empty; and when the guest checks out, the air conditioner will be automatically turned off, and the monitoring software will show the status of waiting for rent......



Dalitek Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Inc. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating product R&D, design, manufacture, marketing, and sales, focusing on intelligent control industry, such as intelligent lighting, smart room, smart home, smart office, and urban landscape lighting. In 2017, DALITEK successfully went New Three Board listed (Stock Code: 839565).

As the leader in intelligent building control industry in China, DALITEK puts forward the concept of single intelligent building and provides a complete and customized overall intelligent control solution for different building space.

Today, DALITEK has 6 branches and 36 agents in China. With a sound sales and service network, DALITEK has successfully completed more than 7000 large projects thus far, domestic and foreign.