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Exhibition CenterContemporary exhibition centers require a high level of diversity

1、Customer needs

Contemporary exhibition centers require a high level of diversity as they tend to be used in a variety of ways depending on the event being held, from conferences and trade shows to performances and concerts. A high performance lighting control system plays a vital role in creating the desired effects as well as optimizing the efficacy of the system and meeting the needs of management. DALITEK solutions are tailored to the unique needs of individual projects and the functionality required by the management and engineering philosophy.
 DALITEK control systems provide various forms of control methods and opportunities for significant improvement in energy management and optimization, reducing both energy costs and ongoing maintenance costs.
 DALITEK intelligent lighting control systems can be seamlessly integrated with other systems to form large scale automation systems that provide robust and reliable control of the largest modern structures.

♦Implement intelligent lighting management
♦Accent lighting area with ambient scene effects through programming
♦According to the size and shape of the booth and variety of use we need to change the relative scenes
♦Configure site operation panel, adjusts the scene illumination to achieve the desired effect
♦Intuitive movement detection functionality
♦Overall management of the network by the architectural interior lighting and exterior lighting composition
♦Lighting system with linkage and integration with other systems, improves the comprehensive management.

 3、Application Effect
♦Intelligent operation provides reduction of energy consumption
♦Advanced distributed control system, improves management efficiency
♦Comfortable light illumination, enhances the image of the exhibition
♦More flexible central monitoring and local control
♦Complete and open intelligent interface, to be integrated seamlessly with the BMS system
♦Superior system scalability and consistency