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Living RoomLeisure space, centralized management1、Customer needs
Leisure space, centralized management
●Scene control
Porch: "Welcome home" one-touch control of lighting, air conditioning, television and other devices via a preset mode can be automatically turned on or off.
The living room: one touch of the scene panel to achieve a scene transition: the party mode, reading mode, TV mode etc,
●HVAC control
Control of temperature and fan speed from multiple devices
●TV Control
Personalized control TV switching, channel selection, volume level from multiple devices
●Curtain control
Opening and closing and angle control of curtains and blinds from multiple devices
●Background music control
Control background music, source selection, track selection, volume adjustment and so on.
● PM2.5 air quality sensor
  When the particulate matter in the air is higher than the set value, the PM2.5 sensor sends alerts to your phone or tablet, and automatically activates the air purification devices to improve indoor air quality.
●Air Purifier
When the air quality is lower than the set range, the sensor will automatically turn on the air purifier, when the air quality standards returns to the accepted range, the air purifier will automatically shut down providing a healthy environment.
● Touch screen centralized control
User-friendly interface, centralized control of indoor smart devices.