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StadiumLarge stadiums require complex versatility1、Customer needs
Large stadiums require complex versatility, in additional hosting sporting events they are also used to hold music concerts and theatrical performances. This means the lighting system in stadiums must also be comprehensive and flexible depending on the event being held.

A balance must be found between ensuring that spectators have the optimal view of the action regardless of their position in the stadium and the sportspeople have a suitable environment to perform to their best ability. Uniformity of lighting levels and the absence of glare enable this balance to be achieved.

Careful preparation and selection of various combinations of lighting scenes
The intuitive monitoring software and interface provides robust, intelligent control of all lighting circuits in the stadium. Users are able to adjust levels throughout the stadium with a touch of a button.

The system can be set up to automatically adjust the timing and order of lighting circuits to avoid a large current surge caused by simultaneous switching. Soft switching of halogen lamps provide powerful protection and prolong lamp life by 2-4 times.

The system offers an extensive variety of local, remote, manual, timer and automatic control methods.