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Alibaba headquartersSpread the news! Explore the Alibaba headquarters lighting control system!

1. Introduction
A new landmark in the Beijing area of Wangjing, standing tall and straight as the capital welcomes the Aligroup. The new joint headquarters of Aligroup chose Dalitek to provide the advanced intelligent lighting control system.
2. Highlights
The main areas of application for this project are the entire public areas of the Beijing office tower, including the corridors, lobby and so on. The entire building, including the four underground floors, all 30 floors above ground have a DALITEK intelligent lighting control solution installed. The entire control system is managed through a central computer and multiple panels. The DALITEK team designed a solution which provides user-friendly control reflecting the comfort, energy saving and efficient management of all lighting fixtures.
The control system is configured in the lobby so that the lighting is intelligently and independently managed. The scenes in the lobby can be set according to the different requirements of the lighting during various times of day. Generally, it is divided into morning, noon, afternoon, evening, late night and early morning each with specific levels of illumination. It is also possible to customize scenes for special occasions. All of the scene modes are achieved by automatically adjusting the brightness of a circuit or group of circuits of lights, so that it attains a variety of desired lighting effects. At the same time the lobby incorporates configuration of intelligent timer manager, by setting the timetable to run the entire lobby lighting control system.
Walkways and underground garages can be set to "on / off work", "lunchtime" and other scenes, through the central control of the timer, activating different scenes at various times of increased foot traffic.
3. System advantages.
DALITEK intelligent lighting control system has the advantage of automatic adjustment of lighting to levels that both optimize operational and energy efficiency. In order to extend lamp life and significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs a soft start approach has been implemented. For an entire building, the ongoing management and maintenance workload is generally very heavy, thus an effective intelligent lighting control system should make full use of centralized management, distribution and implementation of the characteristics of the lighting to achieve efficient management. The lighting effect is one of the integral factors that reflect the overall ambience of the building. 

Features of the DALITEK solution:

1. Unique network structure
2. Advanced current detection
3. Pressure limiting technology to protect the lighting
4. Open network protocol
5. DALI dimming technology
6. GSM wireless communication technology