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Technical Service
DALITEK provides technical services including: the equipment layout diagram, the system diagram, system operation manual, installation debugging data.
DALITEK sends technical engineers to participate in unpacking on site, and responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, start-up, and to assist clients to carry out the operation training, to achieve independent operating requirements. Provide free service to customers of related processing technology, and assist the customers to establish the system operation management record files and technological manipulative regulations.
Before transfer the project, DALITEK provides professional engineer training, to ensure the relevant personnel can operate equipment independently.

After-sale Service
After-sale service includes: within the warranty period, after the warranty, maintenance period of service.
DALITEK provides users with on-site installation, debugging and maintain services of software and hardware.
Ready to accept customer repair and technical support services requests, especially non-technical service support request.
Monitoring and tracking the maintenance and service process, all results will be documented.

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