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Relay Control Module 1) 4 channel , 5A/channel SPDT relay output

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Relay Output and 4 Channels of 1-10V Controller Modules 1) 4 channel, 5A/ channel relay output 2) 4 channel 1-10V signal controller output

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Constant Voltage LED Dimming Module 1) 4 channels, 5A/ channel 2) Needs power supply for LED (DC power supply excluded) 3) LED strips could work under both 12V and 24V.

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Trailing Edge Module Base 1) 4 channels (match with BZ102C)

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Multi-function Module Base 1) 4 channels (match with BZ102D & BZ102R)

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Motorized Curtain Control Module 1) 2 x motor output (220V AC) 2) With built-in dry contact and RS485 interface

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Dspace·A16 series panels with concise shape and metal texture,produce elegant and luxurious feeling.Soft-touch switch calms down the space while proximity sensor enlightens backlight seamlessly and creates comfortable and dreamy ambience.Modularized desigh could satisfy different function match and provide more flexible control methods. A16 series panels are suitable for luxury guestrooms and boutique residences.

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Dspace A7 panels adopt big button for lighting control.With an optional master swith in the right corner,it can be switched on/of immediately.With RS485 protocol,it's widely used in hotels and apartment. Used with DALITEK dimming systems,these panels facilitate swift scenario switching.The simple operation and intuitive structure will allow customers to enjoy a better experience.

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