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CAPSOUL Smart Hotel

Dalitek intelligent guestroom management system is highly regarded in the Chinese market. Providing robust control of lighting, HVAC, motorized curtain and real-time room status monitoring.Remote control and monitoring is achieved via the Dalitek application software and on-site debugging. With the creation of the first plug and play controller box, Dalitek brought about hotel guestroom system reform and continues to leads the development direction of the guestroom system innovation, as well as achieving goals of intelligent integration and energy saving optimization. In China, the Dalitek system is widely used in luxury hotels chains, such as Shangri-la, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, IHG, Marriott, Accor and Wyndham, maintaining close relationships with all international hotel management companies.

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Housekeeping and Relay Module 1) Functions input: DND, MUR, Service, Wait, Doorbell, Insert card for Power, Motion Sensor, etc. total 20. 2) LED indicator output: DND, MUR, Wait, Service. 3) 10 channels, 2A/channel lighting switch output 4) Analog temperature and humidity sensor input 5) 3 x RS485 (One for external net, one for internal net and one for HVAC) 6) 1 x TCP/IP

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Intelligent Guestroom Lighting Control Card Pluggable Module 1) 12 channel relay output , 3A/channel 2) 2 channel dimming output, 2A/channel; 3) 15 dry contact input (customizable) 4) 4 channels LED output, 12V/channel 5) 3 x RS485 (One for external net, one for internal net and one for HVAC) 6) 1 x TCP/IP

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Intelligent Housekeeping and HVAC Control Card Pluggable Module 1) DND, MUR, Service request, Wait, Doorbell, SOS, insert card for power, motion sensor, door magnetic input 2) 4 x LED indicator (common cathode or anode) output for DND, MUR, Wait, Service request 3) One channel emergency lighting 4) Compatible to two-pipe or four-pipe fan coil control (High, mid, low) 5) 0-10V brushless DC fan coil control 6) One channel fresh air control 7) 1 x analog temperature sensor 8) 3 x RS485 (One for external net, one for internal net and one for HVAC) 9) 1 x TCP/IP

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Guest Room Control Main Board 1) ARM 32 bit chip 2) FPGA anti-interference chip 3) Separate power supply 4) TCP/IP protocol, support remote software programming. 5) 6 available card slots for any customizable needs.

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Programmable Room Control Box

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Gateway Module 1) Used for changing TCP/IP to RS485,and the argeement transforming with others RS485 2) Can prestore website 3) Is used for realizing the wireless control of mobile terminal,can contact with multiple mobile device at the same time)

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Fan Coil HVAC Control Module (0-10V) 1) 5 channels, 5A/Channel relay output module 2) Control on/off of two-pipe or four-pipe water valve and high/medium/low speed 3) Adapt to RS485 themostat panel 4) Two groups of 0-10V control 5) Two channels of relay output for refresh air control 6) Temperature and humidity sensor access port (self supply power) 7) Could be used with analog sensor BZ-HU-T1/T2

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